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No other product on the market provides process modeling capability like M-PWR. With over 100 built-in functions, open scripting and a dynamic data model, M-PWR enables automation of the most complex IT costing processes.

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Many organizations seek a better understanding of the relationship between IT expenses and service consumption. Nicus M-PWR provides deep IT cost visibility through a consolidated view of expense, budget and utilization.

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IT no longer needs to spend valuable time collecting information and presenting it to users followed by tedious meetings to gather budget input. IT can instead devote time to advising business partners on budget decisions


For execution of activities to support the provisioning of IT products and services. Nicus SCM enables you to build and manage a competitive IT infrastructure, synchronize supply with demand, and measure supplier performance.



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Monday, July 07, 2014

The story has been well-told in the book "Moneyball," with the movie of the same name. By looking at data in a different way -- by digging for information on players that others missed, searching for details in the numbers that can be quantified -- foregoing the hunches and the guesswork -- the A's continue to build a winning team year after year.

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