Why Details are Important

We recently had a discussion with an IT financial management analyst who asked why an ERP system can’t provide the details needed to effectively manage IT finances. It’s a great question and one we frequently get from prospects. The short answer: traditional financial systems built for accounting are based on principles that deliver acceptable financial statements, but are not designed to deliver insights for effective IT business management.

Improve the Way You Measure IT

There’s often a significant divide between the way IT and the way finance thinks...

The Business of Client Focused IT Financial Management

What a Super Bowl! An undrafted player from West Alabama, who used to work at Popeyes, intercepts the ball on the goal line with 20 seconds remaining in the game. The other team overthinks the situation and makes a decision that leads to the interception and loses the game. As in football, sometimes experienced business leaders think too much about the next “play” and make the wrong decisions that hurt their organizations.

Deciphering the Buzz About IT Cost Visibility

Anyone who works in IT financial management for more than two weeks has come across the phrase, "Transparency through cost visibility." It's more or less a buzzword -- or a buzz phrase, as the case may be. But how do you implement a cost visibility project that reinforces accountability?

Actionable Data

The story has been well-told in the book "Moneyball," with the movie of the same name. By looking at data in a different way -- by digging for information on players that others missed, searching for details in the numbers that can be quantified -- foregoing the hunches and the guesswork -- the A's continue to build a winning team year after year.