What’s the Forecast?

While speaking to a college class last week, I asked the students a question : What profession needs to make an accurate forecast? The usual answer is weather. Students often think quite literally when the question is posed. But last week I had a surprise. A young man who plays on the college's football team said sports requires accurate forecasting.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Benchmarking

When done correctly, benchmarking can be a useful practice. Benchmarking can lead to performance improvement and can help an organization take a new approach to goal setting. However, the benchmarking process is often flawed in many organizations.

Time Saver

We're going to share one line of a short email we received last week: "You are right, working 40-45 hours a week is a lot more fun than working 65-70." That email is from Lauren, a young lady working for one of our newest clients.