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Supply Chain Management for IT

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Supply Chain Management for IT, presented at the ITFMA 2013 Conference in Mobile, AL.  

IT Financial Management Best Practices

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IT Financial Management Best Practices in a Large IT Environment.  

IT Chargeback’s History and Future

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The history of IT Chargeback is littered with more failures than successes. Everyone has heard the horror stories of a career blunder when chargeback was rolled out. But times have changed. New challenges facing IT, including a demand for

Methodologies for Improving Forecast Accuracy

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This presentation will discuss methodologies for improving the accuracy of the forecast, including methods for calculating more accurate baselines, simplifying the update process, tracking and explaining variances, and improving data

The Expanding Role of IT Finance

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IT Finance organizations are being pressed to change and expand. Several different forces, including demand for better visibility, new technologies and overall market conditions are creating a greater demand for IT financial analysis and