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Jul 01, 2014 | By Robert Mischianti

As we approach the MLB All-Star Game, guess who’s leading the American League Western Division, again – yep, the Oakland Athletics. We follow the A’s because we like the way they build a team. The story has been well-told in the book “Moneyball,” with the movie of the same name. By looking at data in a different way — by digging for information on players that others missed, searching for details in the numbers that can be quantified — foregoing the hunches and the guesswork — the A’s continue to build a winning team year after year.  We like that approach because it’s so similar to what Nicus software offers. Too many companies get themselves in trouble with antiquated business processes and poorly projected IT costs and savings. Budgets are often put together by a seemingly random series of guesses.  Nicus offers solutions to those problems. We eliminate guesswork by providing a level of detail in the data that financial IT managers can use to stand confidently with accurate projections, rather than offering forecasts that are little more than numbers pulled out of the air.

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