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The Business of Client Focused IT Financial Management

Mar 01, 2015 | By Robert Mischianti

What a Super Bowl! An undrafted player from West Alabama, who used to work at Popeyes, intercepts the ball on the goal line with 20 seconds remaining in the game. The other team overthinks the situation and makes a decision that leads to the interception and loses the game. As in football, sometimes experienced business leaders think too much about the next “play” and make the wrong decisions that hurt their organizations.

Choosing a software vendor is a good time for a leader to shine by focusing on the fundamentals. It’s very important to choose a vendor who is client focused. A vendor’s relationship with its clients reveals a great deal. Do clients see them as industry leaders? How has the vendor worked with its clients to solve challenging business problems or capitalize on opportunities? Has the vendor brought industry insight into its client organizations?

When choosing a vendor, think of it as hiring a key employee or entering into a business partnership. It is a dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship that should go far beyond “system functionality.” While it is tempting (and faster) to simply focus on the technology, today’s unforgiving market—and your stakeholders—won’t abide that simplicity. Don’t overthink the situation when choosing a vendo

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