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Deciphering the Buzz About IT Cost Visibility

Feb 19, 2015 | By Robert Mischianti

Anyone who works in IT financial management for more than two weeks has come across the phrase, “Transparency through cost visibility.” It’s more or less a buzzword — or a buzz phrase, as the case may be.  But how do you implement a cost visibility project that reinforces accountability? After all, accountability is the key. Managers must be accountable for the decisions they make, so give them the data necessary to make the most beneficial decisions.  At Nicus, we equip financial IT managers with the tools they need to provide financial savings for their corporations. It’s critical to understand the complexities of cost visibility. Data that’s buried or disguised isn’t much good. Data that’s inaccessible is worse. M-PWR software allows IT managers the chance to expose essential metrics and find the critical information that improves savings and benefits a company’s profitability.

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