Nicus Software 2016 IT Finance Conference



You can’t tell from the picture above but this year’s conference had somewhat of a ‘Saturday Night Live’ theme so I thought I would use another late night entertainment reference to share the highlights for those who missed it.

So, I present the “Top 10 things you missed from the Nicus Software 2016 IT Finance Conference” (drum roll please)…

#10 – Guest presenters: 6fusion sharing views of the future of IT Infrastructure and Thavron sharing thoughts on communicating with business partners.

#9 – Nicus’ own Randy F. getting his feet wet with his first “voice over” gig (a la Saturday Night Live).

#8 – BJ’s Wholesale Club sharing a conceptual vision for a Shared Services Financial Management (SSFM) solution, specifically a single number theory.

#7 – Everyone returning for Day 2 after a night of amazing food and cocktails (some were in better shape than others).

#6 – Various Nicus employees sharing information on M-PWR product development, Client Services, and the IT Planning, Cost Modeling, App TCO, and Bill of IT portals.

#5 – Staples inspiring everyone with their application of M-PWR to capitalize internal labor project costs.

#4 – Conference host Kristie S. poking fun at Nicus’ resident “foodie,” Rob M., with a HILARIOUS picture of a monkey (monkeys are cute, right?)

#3 – Learning about American National’s journey of implementing Service Costing, App TCO, and ABC Costing.

#2 – Optum sharing their exceptional use of M-PWR to provide project cost estimating.

And the number one thing you missed from the Nicus Software 2016 IT Finance Conference (another drum roll please)…

#1 – Everyone learned a lot about IT Finance over the two day conference and also had some fun along the way…

Thanks for another wonderful conference!!

Written by: Kristie Sullivan, Manager