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The Grit Factor

Mar 31, 2017 | By Kristie Sullivan

As the weather warms up this time of year, I start thinking about dusting off my golf clubs.  I recently thumbed through an old Golf Digest and came across an article called “The Grit Factor:  Getting to the Heart of What Makes Winners vs Losers” by Bob Carney.  The premise of the article is around the key ingredients that gives a golfer grit and things you can do to increase your grit.  As a student of sports analogies, I couldn’t help but think of how “7 Keys to Becoming a Gritty Golfer” might translate to becoming an ITFM practitioner with grit.  Below is my translation of Bob Carey’s tips:

1. Relish Every Shot

2. Control the Talk

3. Find a Mentor

4. Set a Major Goal

5. Break Your Goal Down

6. Develop a Plan

7. Assess your Habits

As you can see, there are some very applicable lessons that can be learned from golf.   Please let us know if there’s anything Nicus can do to make you a gritty ITFM practitioner.

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