The Grit Factor

As the weather warms up this time of year, I start thinking about dusting off my golf clubs.  I recently thumbed through an old Golf Digest and came across an article called “The Grit Factor:  Getting to the Heart of What Makes Winners vs Losers” by Bob Carney.  The premise of the article is around the key ingredients that gives a golfer grit and things you can do to increase your grit.  As a student of sports analogies, I couldn’t help but think of how “7 Keys to Becoming a Gritty Golfer” might translate to becoming an ITFM practitioner with grit.  Below is my translation of Bob Carey’s tips:

1. Relish Every Shot

  • In golf, it’s critical to be present for EVERY shot and not just the ‘important’ ones.  Similarly, in the business world, it’s important to be well-rested, prepared, and focused for every meeting you attend and decision you make.

2. Control the Talk

  • Gritty golfers know it’s counterproductive to berate themselves for what they did wrong.  Likewise, you need to be realistic about what went well and what didn’t.  Recognize that sometimes you have to make the best decision you can with what you know at that time.  Things will never work out as perfectly as planned so accept that, learn from your mistakes, and move on.

3. Find a Mentor

  • A mentor will help you to build a plan, review your progress, and keep you focused on your goals.  This is the recipe for progress and success.

4. Set a Major Goal

  • This is pretty obvious and self-explanatory.  Identify what you ultimately want in the long-term and work with your mentor to get there.  An example of a major goal might be to implement a complete ITFM solution from Alpha to Omega.

5. Break Your Goal Down

  • Never try to boil the ocean.  Instead, break a major goal into smaller milestones.  This is called a strategic roadmap.  Continuing with the example above, break your major goal of building a complete ITFM solution into four milestones:  1) budgeting & forecasting; 2) Service Costing; 3) Bill of IT; 4) Application TCO.

6. Develop a Plan

  • Another self-explanatory one:  determine how you are going to achieve your major and milestone goals.  This is called a tactical roadmap.

7. Assess your Habits

  • Many great coaches will say you play how you practice.  Be cognizant that all those little things you do day-in and day-out add up to how you perform overall.  Make sure you’re always approaching your day in your best form and ready to make thoughtful, smart decisions.

As you can see, there are some very applicable lessons that can be learned from golf.   Please let us know if there’s anything Nicus can do to make you a gritty ITFM practitioner.

Until next time,