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The Importance of Better IT Data

Jun 25, 2016 | By Randy Foley

We recently started working with Tom, who took a job in IT financial management with one of our top clients. In the first conversation I had with Tom, he asked a question I’ve heard many times: “Who benefits most form the visibility of financial IT?”  Tom was trying to decide if it made sense to share the metrics he found using our M-PWR software. Yes he should share it, because the answer is always the same: Everyone benefits from better data. MPW-R reveals to CIOs and IT managers summary information about financials from their entire corporation. Project managers, portfolio managers and department directors will find more detailed data regarding their specific areas.  Individuals at any level of a corporation can use the data to gain the edge in the marketplace by finding the metrics specific to their needs. We are building a great relationship with Tom and all of our clients because we know how to offer them the solutions they need to be more efficient and better informed about how their costs are affecting their bottom lines.

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