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Time Saver

Oct 19, 2013 | By Robert Mischianti

We’re going to share one line of a short email we received last week: “You are right, working 40-45 hours a week is a lot more fun than working 65-70.” That email is from Lauren, a young lady working for one of our newest clients. We met Lauren while visiting her place of business to perform a demonstration. At the time, all she knew was the company was looking at software that would automate the IT budgeting process. She was worried it would reduce her value to the company. That wasn’t a worry. Lauren was less than five years out of college and finds herself working on IT budgets and forecasts. She likes the job, but was working many, many hours. As an IT financial analyst, that was part of the process for getting the job done. But Lauren’s problem was that to do her job appropriately, she had to spend about 30 hours a week just gathering the data from various people and systems. She was perusing spreadsheets, recording numbers and putting them together manually. That was the part of her work, but not part of her job. We’re happy to say M-PWR has eliminated that burden. Lauren is more efficient and her company is getting more value out of her knowledge and experience. All those extra hours gathering info have disappeared; Lauren was glad to give them up anyway.

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