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What’s the Forecast?

Feb 14, 2014 | By Robert Mischianti

While speaking to a college class last week, I asked the students a question : What profession needs to make an accurate forecast?

The usual answer is weather. Students often think quite literally when the question is posed. But last week I had a surprise. A young man who plays on the college’s football team said sports require accurate forecasting.

“Think about it. For every three hour game, players prepare for 20 hours and coaches prepare for at least 60. And much of that time is watching film of previous games, both of the opponent and our team. All that film study is done so we know what to expect,” he said. His point helped make mine, which is that forecasting is important to every field, every business, every line of work. Accurate forecasting is the most vital bit of information a business can have. No business can succeed when its budgets and projects are drafted through guesses or erroneous data. Accurate data allows for adequate and efficient planning and execution of projects, budgets and growth.

That’s why M-PWR has been so successful. Nicus offers a tool that is, literally, among the most important resources a business can have.

Randy F.

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