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ITFMA World of IT Financial Management Conference

June 15-19, 2020

Santa Fe, NM

*Workshop Sessions*

2-Day ITFM & TBM Maturity Assessment & Roadmap (Monday and Tuesday)

Rob Mischianti, Nicus Chief Evangelist; Charlie McVeigh, Nicus Business Value Advisor; Chris Aber, Director of Channels & Alliances

This 2-day workshop will present an industry standard maturity model and real-world stories from domain experts and experienced program leaders. Bring your laptops as we provide a guided assessment of your current state, and help you build your roadmap to realizing value with your ITFM & TBM program.

Part 1 – The Foundation

Monday, June 15, 8a-11:45a

How do you grow an ITFM or TBM program to full maturity? This session explains the entire process, while offering in-depth discussion on what to expect along the way — including requirements and dependencies, estimated time commitment, and expected benefits for each phase of the journey.

Part 2 – Guided Maturity Assessment

Monday, June 15, 1p-3:45p

In this interactive session, we’ll help each attendee perform a detailed assessment of their program’s maturity using the ITFM & TBM Maturity Model discussed in Part 1. Next, the individual maturity scores will be pooled anonymously and shared with the group, allowing each attendee to measure progress against their peers.

Part 3 – Real World Stories

Tuesday, June 16, 8a-11:45a

In this session, speakers across several industries will share their ITFM or TBM maturity journeys, and what you should know before attempting a maturity journey of your own – including their biggest keys to success, what they would’ve done differently, and where they’re going next.

Part 4 – Develop Your Roadmap

Tuesday, June 16, 1p-3:45p

This hands-on session will guide attendees in creating a detailed, outcome-driven roadmap to reach their ITFM or TBM maturity goals – with clear action items, key milestones, potential challenges, and more. Regardless of where your ITFM or TBM program stands today, you’ll leave this session with concrete insight to keep it moving forward.


*Event Sessions*

How to Reboot a Struggling ITFM or TBM Program

Wednesday, June 17

Rob Mischianti, Nicus Chief Evangelist

Are you getting the value you expected from your ITFM or TBM program? All too often, programs start strong but fail to meet long-term expectations. This session will be an open and honest discussion about why programs under-deliver and what can be done to fix it.


Effectively Evaluating ITFM & TBM Solution Providers

Thursday, June 18

Rob Mischianti, Nicus Chief Evangelist

Choosing a solution provider to support your ITFM & TBM program can be a daunting task, not to mention a significant investment. In this session, we’ll share approaches and recommendations for properly evaluating your potential partners to ensure that you choose wisely!


Nicus 6.0- The Next Generation of ITFM (New Release, Product Demo)

Thursday, June 18

Rob Mischianti, Nicus Chief Evangelist

For years, IT has worked to build transparency from its endless streams of data, but that’s just the first step in a successful ITFM or TBM program. To drive outcomes like cost efficiency, innovation, or greater trust between IT and the business, organizations must leverage transparency to glean insight and share it with business leaders.

Nicus 6.0 will make the process of leveraging transparency far simpler, both by guiding users to areas of insight and making those insights readily accessible across the business in a language everyone understands.

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