Key Benefits

  • Evaluates the business value derived from applications to the costs incurred to deliver them
  • Compares and defends the cost of internal IT Services to third party providers in the open market
  • Drives accountability of investment decisions by having the ability to continuously monitor ROI of initiatives
  • Offers complete transparency of IT operations

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Enables Application Rationalization
  • Business Service & Capability TCO
  • Evaluate Business Value of Apps
  • Demand Forecast
  • Derive ROI of IT Investments

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

  • Reporting & Charting
  • Dashboards, Portals, Detail Level Reporting
  • Web-based Report Authoring Tool
  • Powerful Visualizations
  • Report & Data Editing
  • Drill-Down & Drill-Thru
  • Role-Based Security
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) & Active Directory (AD) Integration Capabilities
  • Dynamic Content, Saved Filters, Custom Views