A Complete Financial Management Solution For IT

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Finally ditch spreadsheets & elevate IT with Nicus.

Nicus ITFM Suite centralizes all IT finance processes, builds a single source of truth for costs, and establishes a common language for communicating value. It’s a soup-to-nuts solution combining everything we have to offer – bringing new transparency to every arm of the organization, exposing unseen opportunities to optimize spend and redirect savings, and ultimately expanding what’s possible for IT.

ITFM Suite Capabilities

  • Cost Transparency
  • Cost Modeling
  • Bill of IT
  • IT Planning
  • IT Benchmarking
  • Application TCO
  • Cloud Transparency
  • Project Financials
  • Vendor Insights
  • Labor Expense Management

Demonstrate IT’s value and be a trusted partner to the business

  • Clearly articulate how new IT investments drive valuable business outcomes
  • Explain and defend changes in spend with cost transparency and a bill of IT
  • Establish a common language between IT and executive leadership to promote collaboration and shared accountability
Optimize run spend and shift to growth and transformation
  • Shine a light on hidden waste and inefficiencies – up to 20% of most IT operating budgets according to Gartner, Inc
  • Bring new visibility to spend and trim budget padding with cost modeling, root-cause analysis, cloud transparency, and application TCO
  • Start achieving cost savings and quickly redirect toward innovation
Enable informed decision-making across the whole organization
  • Expand long-term planning capabilities with advanced tracking and forecasting of all spend – across vendor, project, labor, and infrastructure portfolios
  • Translate IT spend into terms the business understands, and give stakeholders clear levers to control costs
  • Develop accurate benchmarks for all IT services to justify spend and compare options


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