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[Webinar] New Year, Next Generation. Actionable Insights and more in Nicus 6.0

Jan 09, 2020

IT Cost Transparency IT Leadership

What if all stakeholders (including business users and leaders) had real-time visibility into key IT finance metrics (via enhanced dashboards) that could help drive business outcomes? What if your IT leader could take a more proactive approach to managing spend with trusted data and in-depth analysis that built credibility across the organization? What if IT financial analysts could build their own views based on ad-hoc data and help make decisions with an insights recommendation engine?

Well…that’s the future of ITFM…and that’s what can be expected in next-gen Nicus, starting with 6.0.

From embedded insights to tighter integration and improved what-if scenario modeling, Nicus 6.0 will deliver modernization like IT finance has never seen before. If your 2020 vision is building trust and credibility in your organization and driving value and innovation, your organization is ready for the next generation of ITFM. Join us.

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