[Webinar] Showback & Chargeback: Keys to success now and in the future

Webinar Banner - Showback & Chargeback: Keys to success now and in the future - Nicus Software

In this panel discussion, ITFM experts from various industries will share their expertise on how to get beyond defending the bill, enabling customers of IT to understand spend and value, and changing the conversation and relationship between IT and the business.

Moderator: Amy Robertson, Director of Marketing, Nicus Software

Panelists: Jennifer Garcia, IT Financial Advisor, American Family Insurance
Rob Mischianti, Chief Evangelist, Nicus Software
Alonso Martinez, Senior IT Expense Analyst, American National Insurance
Velincia Jones, Technology Business Operations, VISA
Kendra Coates, Finance Director, Office of Information Technology State of Maine

Jun 18, 2019 3:00 PM Eastern


[eBook] A Practitioner’s Guide to Cost Modeling

Fundamentals to know before building your first service cost model eBook - A Practitioner’s Guide to Cost Modeling - Nicus SoftwareEvery ITFM practice’s maturity and success depends on an effective service cost model. The reason is simple: without a way to quantify IT services, it’s impossible to optimize costs, deliver insight, and “run IT as a business.” Cost modeling lets you do all those things and more. If you’re ready to explore everything a cost model can offer your organization – and how you should go about building one for the first time – this eBook will lead the way.


[Webinar] How to Deliver Value Through IT Finance

Hear Nicus Chief Evangelist Rob Mischianti deliver a step-by-step roadmap for IT finance to consistently drive value for their organizations. After this webinar, you'll walk away with actionable info to:
  • Articulate and demonstrate IT finance's value
  • Define and measure your progress and success
  • Build the ideal IT finance team
  • Drive cost transparency and optimization
  • Enable better decision-making across all stakeholder groups
  • Become a trusted partner to the business
And these are just a few examples of what we'll cover on the call. This webinar is now available on-demand!.

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ITFM Bootcamp

Thank you for attending the Nicus ITFM Bootcamp! For your convenience, we've packaged the course materials for download on this page. Here's a brief summary of what you'll receive: - Complete, unedited slide decks from the live 2-day event - 5 takeaway exercise examples with source data - A detailed answer key with step-by-step solutions

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[Presentation] ITFMA ’19 New Orleans

Here's your chance to grab 3 key sessions from ITFMA '19 in New Orleans. Just fill out the form to receive the following presentations:

- Everything You Need to Know About Data - An actionable explanation of the data types practitioners should know, how to formulate your ask to data owners and access to what you need, and the 5 keys to start leveraging your available data for valuable insight.

- Delivering Value with IT Finance - How to clearly demonstrate the value of IT, drive successful cost optimization, and enable informed decision-making across the business.

- A Practitioner's Guide to Cost Modeling - An introductory guide to building and managing a cost model, plus how to properly socialize and defend a new model within your organization.

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[eBook] 4 Steps to a Healthier ITFM Practice Beyond Spreadsheets

The most trusted tool in any finance professional’s toolkit is Excel. IT Finance practitioners have been managing IT financials in spreadsheets for years – and many still do so today. It’s flexible, familiar, and works well for handling small to medium amounts of data. However, as businesses grow, so does IT. And as IT spend grows, so do the complexities of budgeting, forecasting, service costing, and understanding, managing, and optimizing spend.

Eventually, spreadsheets simply can’t keep up.
In this eBook, you'll learn ways to check your ITFM vital signs, recognize common symptoms of maturing beyond spreadsheets, and how to diagnose and treat with the right ITFM tool.

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[Video] Nicus Cost Modeling

Build your Service Catalog, create a Cost Model, calculate service costs, and provide data and insights to influence better IT spend decisions with Nicus Cost Modeling.

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[Video] Nicus Bill of IT

Enable your team to clearly articulate consumption and empower spending choices with the automation, influence, and accountability your team deserves with Nicus Bill of IT.

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