A Centralized Solution To Manage Corporate Shared Services

Drive transparency to streamline shared service pricing and billing

Legacy processes stop Corporate Shared Services from operating at full potential.

Corporate Shared Services management in many organizations is manual and inefficient. Conventional methods are often based on a hodgepodge of ETL, modeling, and analytics tools, which leads to miscommunications, poor data hygiene and many challenges:

Questionable cost comparisons
Lack of coordination between service centers
Unmanaged solution failure risk
Inefficiency from siloed cost management solutions
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Constrained funding for business innovation
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Hampered financial agility

Connect service centers to the tools & data needed to thrive with Nicus.

Bring transparency and traceability to the entire shared service economy

  • Use advanced management and modeling to provide better visibility into shared service costs, consumption, and volume by recipient
  • Go beyond simple tracking and reporting and achieve deeper understanding and insight
  • Generate accurate TCOs for each shared service using existing data sources

Build a collaborative, accountability-driven approach between all stakeholders

  • Create a self-service bill with automated showback or chargeback, for each shared service respective to all business units
  • Make apples-to-apples benchmark comparisons between alternative solutions & services
  • Give stakeholders new levers to impact their recurring shared service costs
Empower service managers with expanded cost recovery abilities
  • Simplify management of service definitions and SLAs
  • Send automatic monthly invoices to business unit stakeholders
  • Uncover and exploit new chances to run true-ups and recover costs
Enable deeper analysis across the service supply chain
  • Demonstrate business value to finance and executive stakeholders easily and intuitively
  • Leverage non-financial metadata to interpret the true value received from costs
  • Translate data to insights using granular analytics for shared services, by volume, cost, and utilization

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