Infrastructure & Operations

Manage resources on facts, not emotions

There’s constant tug-of-war between I&O and the business. But nobody ever wins.

I&O is between a rock and a hard place – sustaining what the business needs, while trying to deliver everything it wants. Stakeholders rarely understand and only ask for more. Without hard facts, I&O is left unarmed to manage the conversation.

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Disregard for run costs
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Carefree overconsumption
Frustrating apples-to-oranges vendor comparisons
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Indefinitely playing catch-up
Rising expectations vs. dwindling resources
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Never-ending disputes over costs

Find a rational balance between business demand and infrastructure supply with Nicus.

Monitor and manage private, public, and on-prem costs in one place

  • Enter vendor account credentials and automatically aggregate, tag, and map billing information
  • Normalize cost data across all vendors and infrastructure – then analyze options in a standard cost model
  • Get detail-level reporting to understand and manage consumption by application, infrastructure, or business unit
  • Marry disparate cloud and on-prem siloes to avoid overspend, stop redundancy, inform migration decisions, and uncover chances for optimization

Govern usage with facts and promote shared accountability

  • Use analytic insights to enforce rule-based governance and right-sizing of resources
  • Fight cloud sprawl and unmanaged I&O resources with total cost transparency
  • Guide internal consumer demand with automated showback or chargeback and self-service reporting of consolidated cloud costs
  • Give service managers direct visibility into costs and what’s driving them – encouraging open dialogue and shared ownership with both internal IT stakeholders and the overall business
Drive optimization of existing and future spend to support modernization
  • Calculate and forecast costs based on business demand with cost modeling and what-if scenarios – accounting for all build and run costs in requests and approvals
  • Frequently audit costs vs. utilization to reduce run spend and redirect savings to modernization
  • Discover underutilized or idle instances and on-prem resources, and quickly act to harvest savings
  • Expose areas of under or over-investment by benchmarking costs against a variety of industry peer datasets

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