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Rationalize the conversation around IT spend

How can CFOs operate when uncertainty abounds?

Serving as financial mediator between IT and its consumers is a huge challenge – especially when you can’t easily link costs to services and their value. CFOs don’t have a monetary crystal ball, so they’re often forced to fly blind.

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Rising costs go unexplained
Padding is needlessly high
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Run costs starve new initiatives
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Agility is perpetually compromised
Endless budget surprises
Ambiguous value of new investments

Demystify tech spend and maximize its return with Nicus.

Calculate and communicate costs vs. value to guide every decision

  • Get “plug-and-play” automation and integration that extends existing ERP and CPM systems
  • Map GL costs to IT data to get a complete, detailed subledger of technology spend
  • Guide spend by establishing internal benchmarks and comparing against a variety of peer datasets
  • Connect decision-makers with the right insights at the right time using new capabilities for transparency, analysis, and reporting

Align tech spend to business needs and promote operational excellence

  • Accelerate cost recovery with automatic, self-service showback or chargeback by business unit
  • Normalize and join disparate cost data to reduce run costs, rectify underutilization, avoid wasted spend, and cut needless padding
  • Reduce manual effort on IT finance tasks with automated budgets, forecasts, cost models, and variance analyses
  • Track, predict, and report IT costs in context with business capabilities, and in terms everyone can understand
Take an outcome-focused approach to managing IT financials
  • Minimize risk and accurately prioritize new investments based on functionality vs. cost
  • Protect GDPR compliance with spend tracking by vendor data storage location – and harness ASC 606 in renegotiations using a firmer understanding of SaaS spend
  • Quickly reap optimization benefits like increased discretionary spend, faster divest/exit decisions, and a reduced carbon footprint
  • Fund digital business initiatives through cost savings, and gain the financial agility to test proof-of-concept faster

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