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Manage costs and communicate value

CIOs face tough challenges in communicating the value of IT

The scope of responsibility for CIOs – and the expectation for them to deliver new value – is increasing rapidly. And despite the business’s reliance on technology, executive leadership continues to push IT down the totem pole… CIOs try to climb back up, but it’s not easy.

Constant questioning and push-back on spend
Uncontrolled run costs impede growth & transformation
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Rampant “shadow IT”
IT left out of strategic business decisions
No simple way to quantify and demonstrate value
“Black box” reputation & damaged credibility

Master the art of communicating value with Nicus.

Get a definitive framework to measure and demonstrate IT’s value

  • Define key business performance metrics that IT actively drives, and know how to show them off
  • Articulate value with increased clarity and detail, and explain how changes in spend will impact what IT can deliver
  • Develop strong business cases that excite leadership for IT projects, products, and services

Fund digital business & service transformation initiatives

  • Go beyond “low hanging fruit” to uncover hidden optimization opportunities, then quickly reap and reallocate savings
  • Fund initiatives faster without the need for new spend – a valuable opportunity to over-deliver with innovation and build report with the business
  • Reframe service costs with their true value and underlying drivers, and share accountability with the business by offering complete transparency
Elevate IT’s status from “black box” cost center to trusted investment partner
  • Nurture a transparent relationship with executive leadership, and lead the way to mutually-beneficial outcomes for the business
  • Increase the strategic involvement of IT in high-level business planning and decision-making
  • Silence the question of “Why does IT cost so much?” and educate stakeholders instead to ask “What can we do together to spend smarter?”

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