Public Sector IT

Simplify ITFM & TBM for government

Sustaining innovation in public sector IT isn’t easy.

Driving modernization and innovation in government IT can be challenging. Not only is the public sector historically slower to adopt new technologies, but it’s also bound by unique operational restrictions – creating some difficult hurdles for IT leadership:

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Rigid, complex budgeting
Poor traceability vs. increased scrutiny
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Heightened compliance and security risks
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Massive legacy technologies
Leadership pressure for features, not optimization
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Loss of appropriation from underspend

Realize the potential for IT modernization with Nicus.

Plan and execute compliant budgets faster and more efficiently

  • Automate tedious budgeting processes previously locked up in slow, error-prone spreadsheets
  • Get a central source of truth for IT budgeting across all agencies and departments for increased visibility and collaboration
  • Simplify OMB-compliant budget creation under the mandatory TBM taxonomy
  • Build accurate, defensible, and outcome-based forecasts to guide appropriation and approval of funding

Cultivate trust and drive sensible consumption with an accurate Bill of IT

  • Improve efficacy of showback or chargeback processes using self-service invoicing and payment
  • Boost consumer confidence in billing through cost transparency, and foster data-backed cost and value communication across the organization
  • Curb overconsumption and enable informed usage by giving consumers complete visibility of costs and how to control them
Reduce disputes while accelerating payment and resolution
  • Leverage increased billing accuracy to drive down disputes and encourage quick payment of invoices
  • Speed up resolution and payment times with simple and intuitive dispute-handling mechanisms
  • Collect funds before disputes are resolved, offering assurance that charges will be appropriately reconciled after resolution
Track spend on a granular level to align with appropriations
  • Manage variance across budget, obligation, expense, and commitment – and monitor burndown regularly
  • Find sources of underspend ahead of time and redirect funds accordingly
  • Satisfy TBM adoption and OMB reporting rules quickly and easily
  • Trace spend from multiple funding sources – drilling down through each allocation – showing exactly where funds were spent and why
Manage service cost and supply with increased precision
  • Improve cost recovery efforts using service rates calculated on actual or planned spend, and analyze total cost of ownership holistically using powerful cost models
  • Set rates with strategic intention to drive usage of specific services
  • Evaluate service rates against outside organizations with accurate benchmarks, and find areas of potential under or over-spend
  • Predict demand with newfound accuracy using advanced, multi-year forecasts and what-if scenarios

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