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Kyna Jones, Administration

Kyna Jones, a 20 year professional in office management and human resources, is the current Office Manager at Nicus.  At a young age, she accomplished her goal of becoming one of the youngest licensed insurance agents in the State of Virginia.  Her career path is proof that she is always ready to take on new challenges.  She has held multiple administrative roles in the government spectrum for almost 15 years and transitioned to a SAP Analyst in one of the nation’s largest transportation companies.  She is passionate about helping her coworkers ‘behind the scenes’ by accomplishing tasks that they do not realize are being done in order to make their work-life easier and so they can better serve Nicus customers.  She likes to over-use the quote “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.”

Kyna enjoys an eclectic lifestyle by dabbling in extreme sports, singing, dancing, horseback riding, crocheting and is an avid Crossfitter.  And is addicted to anything related to shopping.

Above all else her love for God comes first in her life.  Kyna and her husband are parents to their answered prayer, their son, Shawn.  But it would not be fair, if we didn’t mention her fur-baby, named Bella.  She is the cutest 5 lb. Yorkshire Terrier who is Kyna’s shadow and best bud.

Headshot of Kyna Jones

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