Enabling Actionable Transparency Through Allocated Views of IT Spend

Basic ITFM:

  • ITFM provides allocated views of IT spend
  • Each view is generated by separate data & processes
  • Each view provides value to key and select stakeholders
  • Services View: Provides insight into technology service costs and unit rates. Enables Service managers to drive down unit rates and benchmark against outside suppliers and piers
  • Consumer View: Provides insight into what organizational entities benefit from IT and helps the CIO demonstrate value
  • Application View: Provides the Total Cost Ownership (TCO) of Applications and enables application rationalization exercises
  • Business Capability View: Provides insight into costs to support business capabilities. Helps the CIO align existing spend and new IT investments more directly to business function

Quality ITFM views provide visibility into IT costs at all levels of an organization, and can deliver actionable data many different decision makers.