Take Control Of Costs And Communicate Their Value

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Bring full visibility to your IT spend with Nicus.

Nicus Cost Transparency is a complete analytics solution for managing costs and demonstrating the value they deliver, helping IT elevate its status within the business and better serve its stakeholders. By translating ambiguous GL allocations into defined, fully-burdened IT delivery costs – and automating cost reporting and billing – IT leadership is empowered to drive positive change and quickly reap the benefits.

  • Find savings to fund innovation
  • Free up time for value-add analysis
  • Stop carefree overconsumption
  • Trim waste and redundancy
  • Prove IT’s value and build credibility
  • Reduce effort through automation

Reposition IT from cost center to capital investment with new cost transparency

  • Demonstrate how every piece of the IT budget delivers tangible business value, especially new capital
  • Translate consumption costs into simple terms the business understands, eliminating doubt and mistrust
  • Optimize spend and rectify waste, then use the savings to drive innovation

Quantify service delivery and run IT like a business with robust cost modeling

  • Define everything IT delivers, establish clear benchmarks, and drive an internal economy for consumption
  • Promote shared accountability and build credibility with a showback or chargeback that gives full transparency of service costs 
  • Offer business units tiered service options – giving a lever to control costs and prevent overconsumption
  • Empower service managers to drive down unit rates and compare against outside providers
Get a central, defensible source of truth for all spend using Bill of IT
  • Streamline the billing process by communicating the value of IT continuously
  • Empower the business with automated, self-service cost reports and invoices
  • Reduce billing disputes with fact-based explanations of costs, and resolve disputes faster with advanced handling mechanisms
  • Minimize risk, increase operational efficiency, and build trust across the organization
Manage software costs and enable rationalization with Application TCO
  • Go beyond hard input costs, account for hidden expenses, and define concrete business value for all application spend
  • Eliminate redundancies, drive informed usage, and make data-driven exit decisions
  • Evaluate application spend in-context by allocating to services and capabilities
  • Communicate actionable cost and value data to app owners to facilitate fast, seamless optimization decisions


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