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ITFM Tool Performance

Sep 07, 2016 | By Amy Robertson

Several of our clients have used ITFM solutions from other vendors before making the switch to Nicus M-PWR.  When one of our clients was testing their new cost model in M-PWR, they were surprised our model only took a couple of minutes to run.  Their previous software package took anywhere from 13-16 hours to run!  They had to limit data attributes to “improve performance,” which negatively impacted their reporting capabilities.  The tool also required a technical team, within the software provider’s organization, to load the data and make changes to the model, which is not practical for an analyst that needs to turn around cost information quickly.

We often hear from clients that they chose Nicus for our practitioner’s approach.  We’ve been in their shoes before and understand the need to drill into the details to make informed decisions.  For these clients, M-PWR automates data collection and transformation so they can get back to value-add focused work. They shouldn’t have to cut down their data attributes to manage their model’s calculation time.  We may also recommend changes to their cost model during implementation to avoid custom coding and make it easier for their staff to maintain.

Written by: Lauren Fulton, Sr. IT Finance Advisor

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