IT Benchmarking

Compare costs and validate spend

Leverage guidance from your peers with Nicus.

Nicus IT Benchmarking enables rationalization and optimization of spend through fair and accurate peer comparison. By employing a diverse pool of datasets, tracking automated benchmarks against actuals, and harvesting insights to inform the organization, IT leadership gains powerful new abilities:

  • Get data-backed justification for all spend decisions
  • Achieve long-range visibility vs. “point-in-time” analysis
  • Find and showcase above-average efficiency
  • Make apples-to-apples cost comparisons
  • Identify variance, its source, and what to do
  • Glean actionable data, set targets, and show progress

Achieve deeper insight with flexible benchmarks and multiple datasets

  • Utilize a wide variety of market research or industry-specific benchmarking services
  • Adjust and hone benchmarks in real-time, run extensive what-if scenarios, and instantly see the implications  
  • Avoid chasing potentially flawed performance metrics by contextualizing variance from multiple peer vantage points 
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Defend new and existing spend with confidence

  • Build fact-based defensibility into the entire budget by showing industry standards for each area of spend
  • Justify and secure new funding using metrics the business understands
  • Shift the conversation around spend by framing it with data, proving efficiency, and demonstrating progress
Benchmark as a strategic routine, not a one-off exercise
  • Automate monthly comparison between benchmarks and actuals to monitor spend and track progress 
  • Integrate benchmarks into multi-year budgets and forecasts to maximize financial visibility and guide decision-making 
  • Unify benchmarks with standard cost models to continually compare and optimize IT delivery costs


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