Introduce Context to Costs

Make fair peer and industry comparisons to rationalize spend and make smarter decisions. Run what-if scenarios, track realities and enable optimization, all in real-time.

Inform Spend with a Continual Frame of Reference

Automate benchmarks to go beyond point-in-time analysis.

Align with Best Practices

Know where you stand and why to build realistic budgets that align with industry standards.

Never Stop Learning

Adjust benchmarks in real-time and track progress month to month.

Garner New Support

Identify and explain underspend to justify new investment or showcase above-average performance.

Gain Better Measures of Success

  • Access a wide range of market research and industry-specific benchmarking services.
  • Tweak benchmarks in real-time to enable continuous optimization.
  • Shore up variance by understanding its root causes.
  • Avoid chasing potentially flawed performance goals by contextualizing variance against multiple vantage points.
  • Automate month to month comparisons between benchmarks and actuals.
  • Improve IT delivery costs progressively by unifying benchmarks within a standard cost model.
  • Reference industry standards to create budgets with built-in defensibility.
  • Justify and secure new funding using metrics that matter to the business.
  • Go beyond justifying costs to proving the value of IT to the business’s goals.
  • Plan responsibly by testing against different business scenarios.
  • Guide decision-making and maximize financial visibility.
  • Strengthen multi-year budgets and forecasts by integrating benchmarks.

Gain Better Measures of Success

Explore IT Benchmarking


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