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[Case Study] Fortune 500 Insurance Firm Reclaims 2,000 Hours while Elevating IT’s Strategic Position in the Business

May 12, 2018

IT Cost Transparency Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

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In an effort to alleviate ongoing struggles from its legacy, spreadsheet-based planning system, a Fortune 500 insurance firm consulted multiple vendors in search of a centralized ITFM solution – ultimately selecting Nicus as its vendor of choice.

Under a CIO directive, and with guidance from the firm’s Director of IT Financial Management, Nicus IT Planning was implemented and deployed in mid-2013.

This case study captures the firm’s key challenges and how Nicus IT Planning worked to address them, while highlighting the core value delivered back to the business post-implementation.

The case study’s key inflection points are summarized below, and you can get instant, unrestricted access to the full document here.

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The firm aimed to solve the following challenges perpetuated by its legacy, spreadsheet-based planning and budgeting system:


Within the first annual budget cycle using Nicus, the firm cited several strategic and tactical benefits; and in subsequent years, IT and executive leadership report those benefits have only grown stronger.

Strategic Benefits:

Tactical Benefits:

You can download the full case study – no name or email required – by clicking here.

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