Clearly Communicate Spend And How It Translates To Business Value

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Build a defensible account of all IT spend for informed decision-making with Nicus.

Nicus Bill of IT rescues organizations from the systemic frustration caused by vague allocations. By mapping cost and usage data to consumers – and offering transparency via chargeback or showback – the conversation around costs instantly changes… giving IT leadership newfound capabilities to:

  • Justify new and existing spend
  • Get full cost driver visibility
  • Make fair, apples-to-apples option comparisons
  • Stop perception of IT as a free and limitless resource
  • Minimize and manage billing errors
  • Reduce manual work for staff

Reduce questioning of costs and accelerate dispute resolution

  • Increase billing accuracy to cultivate trust, reduce disputes, and expedite payment
  • Leverage enhanced dispute mechanisms – collect payment on open disputes, guarantee retroactive reconciliation, and reach resolutions faster
  • Generate data-backed cost explanations in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Address unnecessary questions before they arise with self-service billing reports and invoices

Gain new transparency and awareness behind costs

  • Drill down from business unit to consumption details
  • Automate bill delivery to keep consumers informed
  • Deliver easy-to-interpret invoices to each stakeholder group using role-based templates
  • Integrate with corporate financial systems to automate showback or chargeback
Guide informed consumption behavior
  • Create clear pricing for IT services, and invoice by your choice of billing structure
  • Give detailed showback by unit rate and consumption for all apps and services
  • Empower business relationship managers with new abilities for cost recovery and true-ups
  • Drive adoption or discontinuation of services based on insights gleaned from cost and usage data
Elevate IT’s seat at the table and grow trust
  • Expand cost transparency across the whole enterprise to every consumer
  • Reduce doubt in IT spend and quickly respond to inquiries with justified answers
  • Establish a firm connection between business goals and IT spending

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