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Communicate Costs. Demonstrate Value.

Get everyone in your organization on the same page. Promote transparency and shared accountability with a showback or chargeback and empower decision-makers with data-backed insights.

Now available on Nicus Cloud and as a native ServiceNow application

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Build a Sounder Framework for the Business of IT

Make resource distribution fair, easy and impactful.

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Demystify Spend and Delight Consumers

Generate and deliver precise bills and reports automatically.

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Increase Transparency and Optimize Costs

Compare options fairly and expose new levers to guide consumption.

Answer Questions and Build Trust

Deliver thorough, data-backed explanations of costs in minutes.

Change the Conversation Around Costs

  • Create a defensible account of IT spend in a language everyone understands.
  • Find new levers for consumers to control their costs and consumption.
  • Answer questions before they’re asked with self-service reporting.
  • Promote greater awareness of costs and stronger accountability for usage.
  • Drill forward and back through granular views of spend: GL accounts > Services > Consumers and Applications > and Business Capabilities.
  • Easily develop accurate, fully burdened rates for IT services.
  • Reveal previously hidden waste and redundancy.
  • Translate costs and consumption into simple terms, while offering actionable insights tailored to each stakeholder’s unique needs.
  • Help consumers understand what their IT spend delivers by showing how funds allocate out to business capabilities.
  • Enable service and application owners to benchmark and drive down costs by providing them with a Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reposition IT from black box cost center to trusted investment partner by showing how every piece of the budget either sustains, grows or transforms the business.
  • Inspire confidence with fast, detailed responses to consumer questions.
  • Handle disputes with ease: collect payment on open disputes and guarantee retroactive reconciliation to reach resolutions faster.

Change the Conversation Around Costs

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