Gain Visibility Into Cloud Costs And Consumption

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Take back the reins on your cloud spend with Nicus.

Nicus Cloud Transparency is a centralized solution for managing large, complex hybrid and multi-cloud portfolios. Just enter your credentials and data sources once, then lift the veil on your cloud costs and usage to start driving progress.

  • Aggregate and normalize billing data across all providers
  • Manage sprawl, prevent waste, and right-size resources
  • Expose hidden avenues for optimization
  • Preserve best practices without sacrificing speed & deployment time
  • Improve governance and accountability
  • Safeguard regulatory compliance and security

Less time wrangling data – more time making change

  • Unify public, private, and on-premises siloes – and analyze them within one standard cost model 
  • Automate tedious, manual tasks and gain new insights (plus the time to act on them)
  • Accelerate optimization and migration decisions with fair, apples-to-apples comparisons between public, private, and on-prem options

Enable stronger governance & accountability

  • Implement standardized tagging to evaluate cloud costs in proper business context
  • Bring full transparency to your portfolio, and instantly start leveraging the benefits
  • Find and rectify unchecked cloud sprawl – eliminating risk, waste, and compliance headaches
  • Map cloud costs to their corresponding business units and applications
Get two steps ahead with expanded tracking & analysis
  • Track inventory and spend across the whole portfolio in a single view
  • Continually discover chances to optimize spend, and stop budget overrun surprises
  • Monitor, forecast, and analyze costs, then make appropriate adjustments quickly and easily
  • Integrate hidden cost drivers like security, labor, etc. for increased precision of total spend


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