Find Cost Clarity in the Cloud

Get complete visibility into your cloud expenses and what’s driving them. Bring order to complex spend ecosystems and ensure your cloud investments align withyour user needs, regulatory responsibilities and business goals.

Your Spend, Centralized and Simplified

View cloud spend across your portfolio, all in one intuitive dashboard.

Improve Analysis and Forecasting

Monitor spend across all business units, including hidden cost drivers.

Uncover Optimization Opportunities

Identify and eliminate sprawl and promote informed decision-making.

Strengthen Governance and Accountability

Use automation to foster internal transparency and accountability.

Take Back the Reins on Your Cloud Portfolio

  • Spend less time tracking down details and more time analyzing high-level usage and spend patterns.
  • Automate tedious accounting tasks so your team can focus their energy on more strategic efforts.
  • Inform migration decisions with apples-to-apples comparisons between public, private and on-prem cloud options.
  • Use standardized tagging to evaluate and manage cloud costs in the appropriate business contexts.
  • Allocate and customize SaaS licenses based on actual usage data.
  • Link costs to their corresponding business units and applications to pinpoint waste and optimization opportunities.
  • Incorporate cloud costs and contracts into multi-year planning to eliminate budget surprises.
  • See the impact of spend changes immediately with real-time budget modifications and forecasts.
  • Integrate cost drivers like security and labor for enhanced forecasting accuracy.

Take Back the Reins on Your Cloud Portfolio

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