Fuel Your Organization’s Digital Transformation

Propel change-the-business strategies without sacrificing today’s commitments

How can IT foster digital transformation while supporting legacy projects and infrastructure?

IT leaders are tasked with balancing the risk and opportunity of new technology for successful digital transformation. But shouldering that responsibility, while keeping the lights on for existing infrastructure, comes with big challenges:

Inadequate innovation funding
Inflexible budgeting practices
Skeptical stakeholders
Unclear vision and expected outcomes
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Inability to prove business value

Find new avenues of funding & support for digital transformation with Nicus.

Get total transparency into current IT spend and what it delivers

  • Make fact-based investment decisions using accurate IT cost baselines
  • Translate spend into tangible value for stakeholders and communicate it easily
  • See how spend is allocated by category, including infrastructure, app, business unit, or run/grow

Discover ‘found money’ in under-optimized applications and infrastructure

  • Reveal hidden, unnecessary run costs, and redirect the savings to new initiatives
  • Expose redundancies to bring new justification and accountability to the application portfolio
  • Monitor which infrastructure is most cost-effective over time and migrate accordingly
Ensure new investments align with business goals, and have the evidence to prove it
  • Get stakeholder buy-in using previously out-of-reach insights that demonstrate the value in new initiatives
  • Achieve maximum value for all project spend using comprehensive what-if scenarios
  • Be nimble in response to changing priorities, while keeping variances to a minimum

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