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A Brand New, New Brand for Nicus

Aug 29, 2019 | By Amy Robertson

We’re excited to announce a highly anticipated launch the Nicus team has been working passionately towards…a brand refresh! Let’s walk through what a brand refresh is, why it’s happening, and what’s changing.

What is a brand refresh?

Simply put, a brand refresh is an update to or modernization of an organization’s brand which can occur for a multitude of reasons. A brand refresh allows an organization to highlight its unique position in the marketplace, reinforce its value, and gain new perspective for what lies ahead. It often includes a new or updated logo, color palette, visual identity, messaging, etc.

Some may ask the difference between a brand refresh and re-brand. A re-brand is often an overhaul of the existing brand, whereas a refresh maintains a visual connection to how the brand identity was seen before. The goal of this project is to not change who are but to develop a revised visual brand language for Nicus as we prepare for the next phase of our growth journey…and we’re excited to have you along.

Why now?

We set out to find exactly who we were and who we are today. And through customer interviews, one profound statement rang true – “Keep being you.” With that, our goal is to keep creating a better, simpler world with our people and our solutions.

With growth there is always change, but inevitably for the better. With this refresh, our mission hasn’t changed but has absolutely been redefined. Our customer needs have changed. Our team has evolved. The new Nicus brand reflects that – and there’s no better time than now.

Nicus Mission: Elevate IT by providing financial management solutions that expand what’s possible.


What’s changing?

Our fresh new look goes live this week! There are many intricate details of this journey, but here are some of the most obvious:








Be  the first to see Nicus 5.13 and the latest our product has to offer in our release webinar Tuesday, September 10th 3:30PM ET.

We are HYPED for our refreshed brand and the future of Nicus. If you don’t yet work with the Nicus team, come find out why our partner agency in this brand journey boldly stated: “There is no one who has more heart in the game than Nicus.”

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