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Eliminate Uncertainty

Achieve full financial visibility across the organization’s internal economy for IT services for a deeper understanding of spend from top to bottom, ensuring your technology resources are yielding maximum value.

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Analyze Options. Take Action.

Understand your costs and what’s driving them.

Raise Awareness and Accountability

Keep everyone involved and informed on pricing and usage.

Stay Responsive and Nimble

Find new ways to trim padding, reduce run costs and collect savings to increase flexibility.

Minimize Surprises

Lift the fog on true costs for current and future investments to plan and prioritize with confidence.

Maximize the Return on Tech Investments

  • Extend existing ERP and CPM systems with plug-and-play automation and integration.
  • Map GL costs through granular viewpoints—by service, app or consumer and business capability—to get a complete, detailed subledger of technology spend.
  • Guide spend by establishing internal benchmarks based on industry peers.
  • Give decision-makers the right insights at the right time with improved transparency, analysis and reporting.
  • Accelerate cost recovery with automated showback or chargeback.
  • Unite disparate cost data to streamline operations and reduce run costs.
  • Automate time-consuming processes from budgeting to variance analysis.
  • Track, predict and report IT costs in terms everyone can understand.
  • Minimize risk and prioritize new investments based on functionality vs. cost.
  • Stay rigorously compliant with current standards and regulations.
  • Quickly reap optimization benefits like increased discretionary spend, faster divest/exit decisions and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Redirect cost savings to fund business initiatives and test proof-of-concept faster.

Maximize the Return on Tech Investments

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