Proactively Manage Your Cloud Strategy

Optimize all cloud spend and promote informed decision making

Enterprise cloud initiatives face chronic obstacles.

Regardless of maturity, today’s hybrid and multi-cloud initiatives encounter the same common challenges:

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Runaway cloud expansion
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Confusing, lengthy bills
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Excess licenses, capacity, and features
Confused migration strategy
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Shadow and rogue IT
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Carefree consumption

Partner with your business to get a handle on cloud initiatives with Nicus.

Facilitate on-premises and hybrid cloud spend visibility in one place

  • Get baseline cost data for on-premises vs public cloud to prioritize migrations
  • See how internal unit costs stack up against external providers and uncover ideal opportunities
  • Calculate accurate TCOs for all hybrid-hosted services & applications

Bring clarity to your acquisition & usage of public cloud

  • Discover actual cloud usage and costs to eliminate unknowns and keep business units accountable
  • Make the most of public cloud resources by identifying idle and/or underutilized instances
  • Reveal actual IaaS and PaaS consumption through multiple views – by infrastructure, application, and business unit – to empower better decision making and elevate IT
Demystify cloud cost forecasts & budgets
  • Effectively integrate cloud costs and contracts into multi-year planning
  • Bring your cloud budgets into alignment with business demand to optimize efficiency and avoid surprises
  • Instantly see impact of business changes on spend by performing real-time budget modifications and forecasts
Get maximum return for all SaaS spend
  • Practice informed SaaS spending based on actual usage, by right-sizing and reallocating licenses
  • Quickly spot SaaS user activities that drive costs with proactive utilization oversight
  • Gain new insight on fully-burdened SaaS costs and usage to optimize license spend
Foster accountability across business units with an automated Bill of IT
  • Use automation to calculate and deliver bills for optimal accessibility and cost recovery
  • Give an automated showback or chargeback to influence business demand for cloud consumption
  • Encourage accountability using self-service billing explanation for internal consumers

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