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See Deeper into Cloud Spend

Eliminate concealed waste like redundancy, sprawl or underutilization by bringing new visibility to the whole portfolio in one place, ensuring all cloud investments are being leveraged for maximum impact.

Nicus Cloud Analytics

Bring the Cloud Down to Earth

Discover the reality of your cloud usage today to better manage it for tomorrow.

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Uncover True Costs

Shed light on all cloud assets and get a detailed, single picture of consumption.

Maximize SaaS Investments

Monitor usage to right-size resources and inform license spend.

Promote Partnership

Help the business understand costs to increase accountability.

Find Clarity in the Cloud

  • Centralize and standardize cost data across on-premises, private and public cloud to proactively optimize.
  • Rely on accurate TCOs for every cloud asset in the portfolio.
  • Create reality-based cloud budgets that match demand.
  • Promote accountability with clarity around usage and costs.
  • Identify underutilized assets to exit or reallocate.
  • Understand how IaaS and PaaS are actually being used.
  • Execute forecasts across all cloud assets to guide future strategy.
  • Generate what-if scenarios for changes to budgets and forecasts and see the potential impact instantly.
  • Make fair comparisons between available offerings to guide migration decisions.
  • Understand the usage and drivers behind every SaaS investment.
  • Tailor licenses to the real needs of your organization.
  • Take charge of usage cases that are driving up costs.
  • Deliver clear, accurate bills automatically.
  • Guide consumption with accurate and defensible showback or chargeback.
  • Set new expectations around accountability.

Find Clarity in the Cloud

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