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Lead Toward a Value-Driven Future

Reimagine the IT service conversation by strengthening alignment between IT and the business. Inspire shared accountability by giving stakeholders a clear understanding of the relationship between cost and value.

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Use Insights Everyone Understands

Extend actionable transparency to every intersection of IT and the business it serves.

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Stop Mistakes Before They Start

Make overconsumption a thing of the past with proactive insights.

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Bring the Hidden to Light

Develop fully burdened rates and accurate TCOs with a defensible cost model.

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Visualize the Pipeline

Lay out future initiatives, so you can have a plan that creates new value.

Grow a Smarter Economy for IT Services

  • Reveal the true value of IT services, and show the outcomes they enable.
  • Collaborate to align IT spend with business goals.
  • Lead with the fact-based explanations of costs across individual business units.
  • Speed up decision making by putting the right insights into the right hands.
  • Give your stakeholders data that surfaces value and is easy to act on.
  • Encourage accountability by giving IT service owners budgetary control.
  • Offer full visibility into service rates and their components to increase trust and credibility.
  • Inform consumers with a pro-forma Bill of IT that’s delivered automatically.
  • Define tiered service options to ensure consumers pay for only what they need and nothing more.
  • Zoom in and out through detail-level spend views, from business unit, app or consumer or service.
  • Use long-range forecasting and what-if scenarios to balance competing priorities and initiatives.
  • Tackle long-term projects by understanding costs from every angle.
  • Drive accuracy in service budgets by including all project investments.

Grow a Smarter Economy for IT Services

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