Transform The IT Service Conversation

Enable cost vs. value in terms the business understands

Misalignment between IT and the business consuming it is costly and risky.

Today’s IT organizations must transform into service-driven entities, aligning to the needs of business partners and communicating in a common language. But the status quo makes that transformation difficult, to say the least:

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Carefree overconsumption
Indefensible cost recovery
Disconnected build and run budgets
TCO misconceptions
Unexpected demand and budget surprises
Low value perception

Elevate IT and drive smarter service transformation with Nicus.

Define IT value and appropriately frame resource consumption

  • Encourage a collaborative approach between IT spend and business initiatives
  • Give logical, fact-based explanations of project costs across individual business units
  • Cultivate trusting relationships between IT and the overall business – always demonstrating value and giving a clear “why” behind business unit consumption

Bring IT spend and business goals into harmony

  • Quickly put the right insights into the right hands for better decision making
  • Elevate IT by driving value-focused conversations and empowering stakeholders with actionable data
  • Develop a healthy culture of accountability by giving budgetary power to IT service owners
Support equitable and transparent service billing, while recovering costs fairly
  • Alleviate stakeholder frustration regarding IT costs and eliminate confusion with a pro-forma Bill of IT delivered automatically
  • Grow an “internal economy” for IT by supplying defined service options and letting business consumers guide demand, while helping them understand their true needs
  • Offer reliable, fact-based IT allocations from broadest to most granular views – by business unit, to department, or user.
Reduce risk & uncertainty by giving clarity to the full lifecycle of IT projects
  • Illuminate the real impact of IT projects on long-term service run costs with “big picture” forecasting
  • Extend your planning lens for multi-year projects by including capital and run costs
  • Create more accurate service budgets inclusive of all project investments

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