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Innovation Through Information

Resources are always tight, and complexity can conceal inefficiencies. Cost Optimization lets you see your whole financial ecosystem and makes it simple to act on every opportunity.

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Know More Now. Do More Tomorrow.

Increase spend visibility to rescue stranded resources and fund high-value initiatives.

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Dive Deeper into Data

Understand what’s driving costs to trim waste and make the most of your technology.

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Inspire Change in Your Organization

Share data-backed insights that stakeholders can act on.

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Drive Results Where It Matters

Trim needless padding and redirect toward high-impact initiatives.

Put Your Investments to Work

  • Uncover the true cost of ownership for all services and applications.
  • Align with business goals by bringing clarity to consumption and illuminating new ways to save.
  • Elevate decision-making to an informed, team effort based on a single source of truth.
  • Get more value out of existing assets by seeing exactly how and why they’re being used.
  • Discover mismatched resources to reap immediate savings.
  • Rationalize your application portfolio to rectify concealed sources of waste.
  • Use a variety of peer and industry benchmarks to know where you stand and why.
  • Simplify vendor relationships and inform contract negotiations.
  • Develop fully burdened service rates to make fair, apples-to-apples market comparisons.
  • Inspire better decision-making with clear and accurate data.
  • Free up funding and use it to drive investments in innovation.
  • Justify new and existing spend while boosting the return on every IT dollar.

Put Your Investments to Work

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