Make Sense Of Your IT Spend

Fully optimize run costs to fund business growth and transformation

Maximize every dollar. Simple concept - monumental endeavor.

Cost optimization requires ongoing discipline and intentional effort. But the payoff is more than worth it – gaining efficiency, maximizing return on spend, and simplifying long-term planning. That said, cost optimization initiatives still hit frustrating roadblocks along the way:

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Overprovisioned IT infrastructure
Orphaned or redundant apps
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Vendor lock-in
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Underutilized software licenses
Lack of technology modernization funding
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Carefree overconsumption

Achieve IT cost optimization across the business with Nicus.

Identify Spend​

  • Bring true cost of ownership to light with accurate and reliable spend data
  • Gain buy-in from business units with clarity around consumption and potential savings
  • Make smarter, faster, better decisions as a team with a single source of truth for IT spend

Understand Why

  • Optimize infrastructure investments by providing visibility into costs driven by underutilized assets
  • Rationalize the application portfolio by eliminating redundancies and driving usage and adoption
Analyze Options
  • Benchmark IT costs with your peers with true cost comparisons
  • Optimize vendor spend and avoid overpaying for contracted services
Take Action
  • Enable informed business decisions with understandable, accurate, and actionable data
  • Free up funding and repurpose to drive innovation
  • Justify new and existing spend while maximizing return on every IT dollar

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