A Central Solution to Fuel Collaboration

Get service centers on the same page by streamlining processes like pricing and billing, increasing visibility to build efficiency and surfacing insights to drive informed decision-making.

Build a Tangible Roadmap

Give Corporate Shared Services a single, efficient methodology for success.

Bridge the Information Gaps

Evolve manual, inefficient legacy processes, while boosting the quality and completeness of service cost data.

Unify Siloed Solutions

Empower service centers to coordinate with one another and open clearer lines of communication.

Make Costs Transparent to Everyone

Gain deeper insights into costs and consumption, then easily inform decision-makers to enable positive change.

Give Service Centers Actionable
Transparency to Thrive

  • Track and model service costs and usage continually, enabling an open dialogue for improvement.
  • Account for unseen, indirect cost drivers and shed new light on service rates.
  • Generate accurate TCOs for each shared service using existing data sources.
  • Raise cost awareness and guide consumption with an accurate, defensible showback or chargeback.
  • Make apples-to-apples comparisons between alternative solutions and services.
  • Give consumers more options to impact their recurring shared service costs.
  • Simplify management of service definitions and SLAs.
  • Streamline coordination between service centers.
  • Optimize service costs based on how they are actually consumed.
  • Build credibility with stakeholders by demonstrating business value.
  • Leverage non-financial metadata to interpret the true value generated from costs.
  • Use granular analytics to rapidly surface and communicate actionable insight.

Give Service Centers Actionable
Transparency to Thrive

Exceed Stakeholder Expectations and Demonstrate Value

Give service centers the power to make an impact on the business that stakeholders can’t ignore. See how ITFM can help corporate shared services prove, and provide value.


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