Bring Applications And Services To Market Faster And More Efficiently

Empower IT teams to deploy with minimal risk

Pressure is on IT to improve performance and efficiency without raising costs.

The rapid expansion of DevOps is moving siloed groups into cohesive teams, highlighting the need for modernization, and putting new responsibilities on IT leadership’s shoulders – but it’s all underscored by the expectation to deliver more for less. DevOps is being forced to evolve… but that process comes with serious growing pains:

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Internal IT communication breakdown
Nicus Solutions -Support DevOps and Agile Initiatives unexpected demand budget surprises Icon
Unexpected demand and budget surprises
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Carefree overconsumption by business
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Incongruent budgets for build and run
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Unclear capital accounting for projects
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Legacy budgeting processes

Build a solid DevOps & Agile business case, champion it, and enable change with Nicus.

Nurture collaboration between IT and the business

  • Gain greater flexibility and improved market response times
  • Allocate funds dynamically, across all projects
  • Make data-backed decisions to divide run and grow investments

See further and invest wiser

  • Trim time-consuming manual tasks with automated forecasting, budgeting, and variance analysis
  • Prevent unnecessary budget crises by making a singular, accurate reference for OpEx and CapEx
  • Get maximum return for every dollar spent with modifiable budgets and forecasts that instantly show the potential benefits or consequences of new changes
Enable a more nimble and responsive budgeting process
  • See the impact of multi-year project costs and plan IT resources accordingly
  • Bring build and run costs together for better visibility of IT financials
  • Predict the effects of possible project changes, and see them in context from multiple views

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