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A Complete ITFM Solution

Extend transparency to every intersection of IT and the business, reveal unseen opportunities to optimize spend and empower decision-makers with insights they can act on.

Now available on Nicus Cloud and as a native ServiceNow application

Nicus ITFM Software Suite

Elevate What IT Can Achieve

Centralize and streamline all your IT Finance processes.

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Bring New Clarity to IT Spend

Make informed decisions with a single, transparent source of truth for all technology costs.

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Build Credibility with Stakeholders

Demonstrate IT’s value and contextualize costs in terms the business understands.

Create Opportunities to Innovate

Conserve resources and harvest savings, then redirect toward higher value initiatives.

Build a New Foundation for Operational Excellence

  • Illustrate how all new and existing technology investments strengthen the business.
  • Explain and justify changes in spend with true cost transparency and a defensible bill of IT
  • Establish a deeper partnership between IT, consumers and business leadership.
  • Foster collaboration and shared responsibility to manage costs.
  • Shift your focus from business-as-usual to fueling business outcomes.
  • Uncover wasteful spend and eliminate inefficiency.
  • Reinvest savings into new initiatives and innovation.
  • Take a long view on planning with advanced tracking and forecasting.
  • Expand cost transparency across vendor, project, labor and infrastructure portfolios.
  • Translate IT spend into terms the business understands and give consumers clear levers to control costs.
  • Justify spend with benchmarks based on industry peers.

Build a New Foundation for Operational Excellence

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