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Full Support of TBM and Bill of IT Variance Reporting Among Top Highlights in Nicus 5.12

Jan 30, 2019 | By Amy Robertson

Bill of IT

We are very excited to introduce Nicus 5.12, a meaningful update to the Nicus platform and suite of ITFM products. As we discussed in the release webinar, headlining the new capabilities is Nicus’s full out-of-the-box support of the TBM (Technology Business Management) framework, with the flexibility to support an organization’s unique requirements, and the introduction of variance reporting for IT Consumers in our Bill of IT product module.

Let Nicus Chief Evangelist Rob Mischianti give you a tour of these capabilities in this video, and read on for more information:

TBM Support

TBM is a framework and a business model that enables IT to run as a business within a business. It provides a standard set of definitions that includes IT functions, towers, cost pools, and services. This can give organizations that don’t already have a service catalog and structure a more rapid path to ITFM and TBM maturity.

The built-in support for TBM in Nicus 5.12 includes several capabilities that deliver value quickly, starting with a full database of the TBM taxonomy, including all towers, cost pools, services, and other definitions. This data is leveraged throughout the Nicus ITFM suite of products for cost mapping, allocation processes, reporting, analysis, and more.

The TBM-based standard cost model included in Nicus 5.12 takes advantage of Nicus’s built-in speed. Nicus cost models run within seconds or minutes, not hours. High performance cost model run times are critical for effective use – analysts must be able to rapidly iterate through multiple scenarios and analyze each result set very quickly.

Nicus 5.12 rounds out its TBM capabilities with a full set of TBM reports, analytics, and visualizations.

Bill of IT Variance Reporting for IT Consumers

Another important new capability in 5.12 is variance reporting in Nicus Bill of IT.  

One of the most common needs for business units is the ability to quickly understand the differences between the current month’s bill and last month’s bill. For example, if last month’s bill for a server was $2000, and this month’s bill is $2500, where did the extra $500 come from? By highlighting variances in the self-serve website, Nicus makes it easier for IT Consumers to quickly review, validate, and approve a bill for payment, improving time to payment and increasing consumer trust.

To learn more about Nicus 5.12, be sure to check out the Nicus 5.12 Release Webinar (30 minutes) now available on demand or request a demo now!


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