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Accessibility and Cloud Improvements Among the Highlights for Nicus 5.13

Aug 29, 2019

Aug 29, 2019

We are very excited to introduce Nicus 5.13. With this latest release in August 2019, Nicus pushes forward to serve users with enhanced accessibility features, Cloud Expense Management capabilities, and several other exciting improvements.

Accessibility Support

Nicus is committed to serving all our customers, including those with special accessibility needs.

In turn, version 5.13 ensures every piece of the Nicus ITFM suite supports, or partially supports, the key accessibility measures outlined within the following formal guidelines:

The VPAT document outlining the Section 508 conformance report is available upon request by emailing

Nicus Cloud Transparency

Another important improvement delivered by Nicus 5.13 comes in the form of enhanced data collection functionality in the Cloud Transparency module.

Nicus now incorporates native support for billing streams across today’s three major cloud vendors – Amazon, Azure and Google. As a result, our customers can leverage out-of-the-box connectors across these providers to quickly capture data, gain visibility into Cloud spend, and secure a firmer understanding of trends and variances.

UI/UX Updates

At Nicus, we believe modern enterprise applications should include not only robust technical capabilities, but also an intuitive interface to enable simple usage of those capabilities – allowing customers to realize value as quickly and easily as possible.

With this belief, Nicus 5.13 incorporates a new, user-centric design that implements core experience improvements across each product in the Nicus ITFM suite. The new Nicus brand is a key driver behind these changes, and 5.13 is our first step in an ongoing effort to continually refine our product interface for maximum usability.

Learn More About Nicus 5.13 and Beyond

For additional info, please join our product leadership team for a live webinar on Tuesday, September 10th at 3:30pm ET where we’ll discuss the changes arriving in Nicus 5.13 in-depth, as well as the future direction of our product and anticipated improvements for upcoming releases.

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