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[Case Study] State IT Agency Simplifies Cost Allocation to Gain Visibility and Trust

Aug 11, 2018

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In response to a set of increasingly burdensome operational inefficiencies, a state IT agency responsible for $60+ million in annual spend sought to replace its “homegrown” cost allocation system, a combination of spreadsheets and a standalone, government-specific allocation tool.

At the end of a thorough RFP process involving multiple vendors, the agency’s CIO and Cost Recovery Manager engaged Nicus to configure and implement a new allocation system powered by Nicus IT Cost Transparency — deploying the solution to a live production environment in late 2012.

This case study details the agency’s key challenges, how Nicus IT Cost Transparency was leveraged to address them, and the core benefits realized after implementation.

You can get instant, unrestricted access to the full case study here, and its key inflection points are summarized below.

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The agency’s initiative to replace its existing cost allocation system targeted several key challenges, including:


Within months after deployment, the agency was successful in alleviating all its previous struggles, while reaping multiple strategic and tactical benefits.

Strategic Benefits:

Tactical Benefits:

You can download the full case study – no name or email required – by clicking here.

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