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What happens when IT Finance outgrows spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets and IT finance used to fit together like a hand in a glove. Where did things go wrong? You can’t blame spreadsheets. They never changed. But the same isn’t true for IT finance. Today’s practices are bigger and more complex than ever before, presenting new needs spreadsheets simply can’t fill. And it’s making things a little awkward for everyone…

Nonexistent accountability
Doubt & mistrust of IT
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Inability to justify spend
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Excessive errors & manual work
Severely limited financial visibility
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Long & tiresome budgeting

Unlock IT Finance’s true potential with Nicus.

Free up time for strategic analysis and insight discovery

  • Reduce manual effort using automated budgeting, forecasting, cost modeling, and variance analysis
  • Spend more time gleaning and delivering insights that impact the business, and less time wrestling with spreadsheets
  • Rectify stale, flawed, or incomplete data through iterative cost modeling – as well as a rigorous input-data validation, transformation, and normalization processes

Align spend with business goals and foster shared ownership

  • Have data-driven answers to cost questions at your fingertips
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to find the ideal balance of cost, risk, and value – then execute decisions based on fact, not emotion
  • Nurture a partnership between IT and corporate finance, and influence strategic decision-making
Cut waste and redirect spend to high-impact initiatives
  • Continually scan operating expenses for concealed inefficiencies to achieve ongoing cost optimization
  • Gain the financial agility to rapidly test viability of new initiatives, without requests for new funding
  • Identify savings leveraging new insight to reduce and repurpose underutilized assets
Collect data from corporate planning tools for enhanced analysis
  • See accurate subledgers drilling down from GL cost data to granular spend categories – including labor, capital purchase, hardware and software, cloud services, and more
  • Expand planning visibility with highly detailed multi-year expense management
  • Manage variance quickly and easily with push-button access to real-time actuals
  • Deliver valuable insights tailored to unique stakeholder groups with audience-specific views

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