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Craig Hollenbeck, Senior Vice President of ITFM Strategy

For more decades, Craig Hollenbeck has worked with individuals, teams, and organizations to clarify what they want from IT Financial Management (ITFM) and Technology Business Management (TBM) — and then helped them get it. He believes that the best solutions to organizational challenges are those crafted to match the unique DNA of the organization. Craig has worked with Fortune 1000 companies, US states and municipalities to deliver tangible financial and organizational results to this wide-ranging client base.


Craig joined Nicus as part of the acquisition of Proven FM, a consulting company he co-founded. Previously Craig was Director of IT Financial Management for a Fortune 100 company. There, he led all reporting, accounting, communication, and continuous improvement efforts for ITFM, managing a $1.3-billion IT organization. By integrating new ways of extracting value from the organization’s financial and operational ecosystem, Craig delivered new ways of managing IT expense, drove 3–5% of proven annual IT efficiencies, and accomplished key conversations within the business that enabled IT to stay flat for seven years. During his tenure, Craig developed tools and processes that were appraised by two independent consultative organizations as Best of Class.

Craig Hollenbeck, SVP ITFM Strategy, Nicus

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