Optimize Future Spend In Alignment With The Business

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Take the pain out of planning with Nicus.

Nicus IT Planning simplifies the long-term decisioning of resources, while ensuring maximum impact and alignment to business objectives. Combining the power of three core SaaS modules, CIOs and IT finance leaders can swiftly accelerate budget processes, increase financial transparency and agility, and promote a culture of shared accountability – resulting in several strategic benefits:

  • Dispel false notions of IT burning funds
  • Manage endless what-if scenarios
  • Tame lengthy, cumbersome budget processes
  • Escape manual, error-prone spreadsheet systems
  • Increase visibility of future demand
  • Defend discretionary vs. non-discretionary spend

Streamline budget creation and administration, boost forecast accuracy, and minimize variance

  • Automate tedious budgeting tasks like consolidation and line item generation to reduce manual effort and increase speed
  • Reduce errors and avoid expensive surprises by running detailed what-if scenarios on budgets and forecasts, then instantly seeing the long-range impact
  • Track budgets vs. actuals in a few simple clicks to identify, explain, and reduce variance

Bring deeper visibility to project lifecycles with Project Financials

  • Keep project spend in alignment with business goals, and deliver using the ideal resource mix
  • Get accurate, multi-year forecasts for project cost, business value, and resource impact
  • Optimize delivery based on capacity, and take the guesswork out of prioritizing new initiatives
  • Shift the perception of IT with stronger tracking and reconciliation of project spend
Manage and analyze vendor spend holistically using Vendor Insights
  • Track and forecast the whole portfolio in one place – enter contract details once, and financials are auto-generated
  • Trim waste, run extended what-if scenarios, and avoid true-ups or overruns
  • Inform contract negotiations with newfound cost visibility
  • Unify siloed vendor data to stop overspend, expose redundancies, and find underutilized contracts to exit or reallocate
Get a clearer view to optimize labor costs and allocations with Labor Expense Management
  • Centralize cost data and deliver in role-based views to inform decision-making across the budget
  • Automatically generate fully-burdened costs from bottom to top for the whole organization
  • Prioritize fixed labor resources against growing, shifting demand – factoring for supply variances like seasonality and vacancy rate.
  • Plan by headcount using pre-defined role units and auto-generated financial line items


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