Financial World of Information Technology (ITFMA)

Join Nicus and fellow ITFM practitioners at ITFMA’s Financial World of Information Technology Conference at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans on April 15-19, 2019.

Our 2-Day IT Finance Boot Camp is back! Plan to join us Monday, April 15th at 8am and again on Tuesday, April 16th at 8am. 

Add these conference sessions to your calendar now:

Wednesday, April 17th 9am

A Practitioner’s Guide to Cost Modeling (Rob Mischianti, Chief Evangelist, Nicus)
This session is a practitioner’s guide to IT cost modeling. Topics will include common methodologies and practices currently being used in the industry including:
• Defining the cost model
• Managing direct and indirect costs
• Cross allocation of indirect costs
• Cycling the model
• Managing simplicity vs. complexity
• Enabling “what-if” scenarios
• Challenges in socializing the model

Life with ITFM Tools: The First Year (Matthew Campagnoli, Finance Director, State of Colorado)
After years of working on outdated software and paper forms to conduct business, the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) has implemented three ITFM tools. This presentation will provide a narrative about how the first year went with all of the new tools implemented. We will discuss the procurement process, continued funding and operations of each tool and how we managed the transition of each tool and process.

Wednesday, April 17th 1pm 

Transform IT from Perceived Cost Center to Valued Business Partner (Nicholas Kaliszewski, Director, IT Financial Management,Erie Insurance)
As ITFM practitioners, we know IT is not just a cost center, but analyzing IT spend and communicating this analysis effectively with business partners is no small feat. In this session, we’ll discuss how to overcome these challenges and demonstrate how a Service Cost Model can provide an excellent visual representation of your IT spend. You’ll walk away with an executable plan to change the perception within your organization from “Why does IT cost so much?” to “What can we do to get more value from our IT spend?”

How to Make Bad Data Good Data (Jennifer Hughes, Accounts Payable Supervisor and Derek Martinez, Accounting Supervisor,State of Colorado)
This session will discuss how the State of Colorado utilized a workflow process to change our bad data to good data. Before moving into any type of IT Financial Management tool, it’s critical to input good data. Bad data in means bad data out. This concept seems simple, but we struggled with bad data for quite some time. We will provide a process of how we turned our bad data into good data before we uploaded the data into our IT Financial Management tool, allowing us to analyze the data within the tool for strategic purposes.

Thursday, April 18th 9am

Surviving and Thriving through an ITFM System Implementation (Ginger Allen, Senior Director, IT Business Management, GuideWell/Florida Blue)
Join us for a fireside chat style session on our implementation of a system to automate and assist with budgeting, service costing, and bill of IT in 2018. We will kick off the session to learn what we would change if we were doing it again, and what went well. We will cover not just the technical process of implementing a system, but also the politics and positioning it took to make this work. Thinking about an implementation? Bring your questions and concerns, and we will open the floor to discussion. Recently completed an implementation yourself? Come join us and bring your perspective as well.

Thursday, April 18th 10am

Delivering Value with IT Finance (Rob Mischianti, Chief Evangelist)
The most successful IT Financial Management practices deliver value to their business partners and IT leadership. At the core of ITFM value is enabling informed decision-making. Achieving this level of success begins with expanding your reporting and analytical capabilities, but ultimately requires strong two-way communication between you and your consumers. For IT Finance to truly become advisors to the business, they must go beyond just calculating and analyzing, and become effective at communication and education.

Thursday, April 18th 3pm

See Nicus 5.12 in action and have a drink on us!

Friday, April 19th 8am

Everything You Need to Know About Data (Rob Mischianti, Chief Evangelist)
IT Finance and ITFM solutions have a huge appetite for accurate and complete data. Required data often includes detailed content from financial systems, complex configurations and usage data from IT management applications, business metrics, and much more. A mature IT Finance operation can easily consume data from dozens of sources. This session will examine common sources, collection methods, automation, structure, content, and practical and effective use of all of these data sources.

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IT Financial Management Week

Join Nicus and fellow ITFM practitioners at IT Financial Management Week in Chicago, IL April 24-26, 2019.

Wednesday, April 24th (Pre-Conference Workshops)

Workshop C: How to do IT Show-back or Chargeback Like a Pro (Rob Mischianti, Chief Evangelist, Nicus Software)

Many organizations execute show-back and chargeback with success, while others fail. The reasons for failure are almost always the same and are avoidable. This workshop will break down keys to success, common pitfalls, and even offer a few extra tips for achieving customer delight. Walk away with actionable next steps to:

  • Educate and enable decision making. Help consumers completely understand their usage and cost to leverage it effectively.
  • Manage complexity and automate. Avoid common setbacks including bill confusion and manual collection of data.
  • Promote and seek continuous improvement. Implement a communication plan and a program for success beyond implementation

Thursday, April 25th

Honing your ITFM Expertise, Track B: Show-back & Chargeback: Keys to success now and in the future (Rob Mischianti, Chief Evangelist, Nicus Software)

In this panel discussion, ITFM experts from various industries will share their expertise on how to get beyond defending the bill, enabling customers of IT to understand spend and value, and changing the conversation and relationship between IT and the business.


Don’t forget to stop by our booth during the demo drive to see how Nicus can help your organization manage IT Finance beyond spreadsheets!

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Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management Summit 2019

Save the date and make plans to join us at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX September 4-6, 2019!